I asked this question already on stackoverflow but since I didn't got yet an answer and this may be Mac specific I'm asking here again:

I'm using Pyinstaller to package a Python app into a Mac App. This is working fine. Recently I have added a GUI window using Tkinter to check for updates, start/stop the app, etc.

There's something strange happening which I don't understand. After running successfully PyInstaller and creating a onefile standing app I get the following outcome after running ls -al:

-rwxr-xr-x   1 karold  staff  62756614  8 lis 11:08 mac
drwxr-xr-x   3 karold  staff       102  8 lis 11:09 mac.app

Here's the outcome while running the mac file (upper image) and the mac.app (lower image): enter image description here

Notice the difference in the window resolution, although the mac.app package contains exactly the same mac program ...

Is there something I'm missing to get the same solution in both cases?


Found the answer by carefully reading the docs.

I was missing High Resolution retina settings in the app part of my spec file, as mentioned in the above mentioned docs:

For example, when you use PyQt5, you can set NSHighResolutionCapable to True to let your app also work in retina screen

Once I added the info_plist parameter as provided below the problem was gone:)

app = BUNDLE(exe,
        'NSHighResolutionCapable': 'True'

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