My 2012 MacBook Pro will not boot up properly. I decided to start it up in Recovery Mode, using Command-R. There, I can access Disk Utility, Time Machine and Reinstall macOS, and Seek Help Online. Being the idiot that I am, I did not back up my important data on Time Machine or on an external hard drive.

I managed to save my important stuff onto Dropbox by using Safari in "seek help online". However, I would really like to keep my Photos from the Photos app, but these seem impossible to move anywhere, mainly because it is a .photoslibrary file.

Does anybody know a way to do this, for example opening Finder from Terminal, which I cannot seem to manage to do?

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.photoslibrary is actually a package (i.e. a folder) which is why Dropbox has difficulty uploading it in one go. Instead, try zipping it first in Terminal using the following:

zip -r /path/to/zippedphotos.zip /path/to/yourlibrary.photoslibrary

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