In Keynote 6.6.1, how do I make the "previous" bullets become grayed-out when advancing bullets?

I know it has something to do with "Build Order" and "build out", but I don't want the bullets to completely disappear (with splashy animations) after they are no longer "current". Rather I want them to remain visible, but in a slightly diminished form.

How to achieve that?

I used to have this nailed down, but I think the UI has changed and/or I forgot how to do this.

Kinda inverse of the animated gif found in the question here: Reveal each bullet by opacity in Keynote 6.6?


Ok. Found it. You just have to select "By highlighted bullet" instead of "By bullet" for build order.

Has nothing to do with build-out!

  • nice one, +1 from me; i was in exact situation: i (thought) i had this dialed, but UI changed. your solution is essentially a keynote shortcut for a pattern that used to take quite a few manual steps. – doug Aug 10 '17 at 22:45

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