I keep a lot of apps running at the same time. I keep some apps in fullscreen next to the first desktop for general usage, and some other fullscreen apps next to a second desktop for "work" stuff.

The problem is that when I put an app in fullscreen it is placed next to the last space. I know that enabling "Preferences > Mission Control > Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use" would make apps to be placed next to the desktop I'm in, but I chose to disable it because I don't want spaces to move.

I noticed that there's a (bad) workaround:
- keep the green fullscreen button of an app clicked until it is presented the choice for placing it in the left or the right side of the screen;
- release the mouse in order to assign the app to a side;
- click anywhere on the side of the app; the app should now be fullscreen and should be placed in the next space (not at the end).

Is there a way to keep that option disabled while at the same time be able to open apps in fullscreen directly next to the desktop I'm currently in?


The workaround seems to have some unnecessary length. If one holds the green button, then clicks in the app itself, it will become fullscreen right away in the next space, not at the end. It is a two step process. Just like methods like this hypothetical one: Go to view menu -> "Full screen in the next space, not the end". Also the option about rearranging the spaces was turned off in my Mac.

MacOS 10.14.5

MacBook Air 2017


There's actually a better way! It's hard to explain with words; just watch this screen recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ATZJ6VhIsONDrpQ8aPK7bKuwVUl1prYw/view?usp=sharing

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