I'm getting the error message "Safari can't open the page because Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server." Yet the page runs perfectly on an iPad and other computers. I suspect a problem with Keychain/certificates but I can't pinpoint the problem. Any ideas?

Running macOS 10.12.1, and system date/time is correct.

  • Instead of saying "latest macOS update" without any actual numeric designator, it's preferred that you actually state the version information, e.g macOS 10.12.1, so there is absolutely no ambiguity. – user3439894 Nov 1 '16 at 16:35
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    can you tell us the page url you are talking otherwise no one can try to reproduce or even test if he gets the same error – konqui Nov 1 '16 at 16:42
  • The URL is unsplash.com – Kendry Johnson Nov 2 '16 at 0:28

I ended up solving this issue on my machine by following these instructions which seem to be different for 10.12 vs. prior versions of OS X. To summarize:

OS X 10.12

sqlite3 ~/Library/Keychains/*/ocspcache.sqlite3 'DELETE FROM ocsp;'

For OS X 10.11 and earlier

sudo rm /var/db/crls/*cache.db
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    I'm sorry I can't upvote 1000 times... Thanks a lot – LudoMC Feb 2 '17 at 22:10

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