This morning I was surprised seeing that my Mac mini has updated to 10.12.2 (16C32e) beta although I did opt out under the System Preferences from receiving future beta updates (Screenshot.

I am an Enterprise Developer so I believe that this is part of the Developers Beta and not the Public Beta, I mainly develop on iOS and would rather keep working on a non-beta machine so that my development could go smoothly without any beta bumps.

Any suggestions?


Try using the following Terminal command to manually reset the Software Update catalog to the default end-user list:

sudo softwareupdate --clear-catalog

This won't remove the current beta build from your Mac, but it should reset to the correct release version next time one comes out.

  • Will try it I guess before the next Beta as I don't want to stay stuck with the first beta. I'll update you then with my findings – Pinchus G. Nov 1 '16 at 12:23
  • Since Apple released 10.12.2 to the general public I now ran that command and received in response "Changed catalog to Apple production"; I'll now wait for the next Beta to pop-up on the Developers site and I hope that by then I shouldn't see these Betas popping into my updates. – Pinchus G. Dec 14 '16 at 11:57

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