When I recorded a movie with my iPhone, the date was not set correctly. So now the video shows up in the wrong order in the Photos app.

It seems the video date is inferred from the file created/modified timestamp. How do I edit the timestamps of the file stored on my phone?

I figured out how to modify the timestamps of the file on my PC, but I don't know how to put them back on my phone while retaining the edited timestamps.

  • Windows explorer does not support copying files to the iPhone
  • iFunBox will copy files to the iPhone, but updates the timestamps at the same time


MOV files have EXIF data, too. I used ExifTool to edit the tags like this:

exiftool.exe IMG_2439.MOV \
             -"CreateDate"="2016:10:12 20:59:55" \
             -"ModifyDate"="2016:10:12 21:02:37" \
        -"TrackCreateDate"="2016:10:12 20:59:55" \
        -"TrackModifyDate"="2016:10:12 21:02:37" \
        -"MediaCreateDate"="2016:10:12 20:59:55" \
        -"MediaModifyDate"="2016:10:12 21:02:37" \
           -"CreationDate"="2016:10:12 20:59:55-05:00"

However, deleting/modifying this file on my phone must have removed it from the Photos app database... I can't see this movie at from my iPhone, now. Only from the file system when connected to a computer.

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Modify the database at /Photodata/photos.sqlite. (Camera roll photos are sorted by zaddeddate, so setting this date to zdatecreated will sort them in the expected order.)

More info and detailed steps:

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