Last time I got macbook and iphone from my brother. These devices were always connected with one apple id. I wanted to keep all apps and settings, so I did not create new apple id, I've just changed password, email, name of current apple id, so now it is only mine, not my broter's. And I don't know why, but imessage and facetime not working, on both devices. I can log in icloud, and everything if fine, but when I'm trying to log in on imessage or face time this appears :

"An error occurred during activation"

Before change everything worked. I have tried almost everything. Please help.


it's hard to tell what could be the problem without knowing what happed exactly. You can use below link to check some solutions to your problem. If that wasn't help I suggest to contact apple support team.


  • Thank You, but I have tried all of this. Didn't help. – belab Oct 29 '16 at 19:42
  • Then it's better to at least make a chat with Apple support team. Almost every time I got a problem they solve it within minutes. So strongly suggest to contact them. :) – Samitha Nanayakkara Oct 29 '16 at 19:44

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