When I'm using Siri in one language, Siri can't recognize names in another language.


using Siri in English and asking to play a song whose band's name is in Spanish or French.

Siri understands the first part in English, like "Hey Siri, play a song by..." but then if the band or artist's name is typically pronounced in a French way, Siri doesn't understand and tries to interpret the name as an existing English word and fails.

Is there a specific way to ask Siri for this?

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    My partner is Hungarian, we live in the UK... I just learned to Anglicise pronunciation of her name & related items so Siri groks it. Easier than trying to teach her any/all "foreign" pronunciations. Put an "H" on Hugo, herb etc etc. [reminds me of the old PG Tips advert from the 70's... "Avez vous un cuppa"] - Siri doesn't hear 'accents' just 'words'. – Tetsujin Oct 28 '16 at 19:06

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