When I look at my wifi.log, I get the following output:

enter image description here

Note that it's adding a few lines every few seconds. What's going on? Should I be concerned that it seems to be "changing quality" every few seconds?


1.What are "Scan requests":

The scan requests are the system (the airportd dameon) scanning for available WiFi networks. The precedure maybe runs like this:

  1. Application send a request to airportd
  2. ScanManager receive broadcast scan request from airportd
  3. ScanManager initialize scan
  4. ScanManager return scan results to airportd

("scan cache updated" will show due to a fresh scan result)

2.Possible Cause:

Google Chrome trigger the scan

Shown in the picture,Google Chrome may trigger the scan frequently.Close chrome and QUIT chrome should stop this "annoying" loop.

3.Link quality:

Since it doesn't change a lot in the log,No need to worry about if your battery life does not seem to be suffering

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