In my trial to update my Xcode 7 to Xcode 8 on macOS Sierra:

  1. I have opened Appstore and searched for Xcode. Beside the Xcode app I found the Install button and clicked it.
  2. The 4.4GB Xcode finished download as per the gauge stuck to the bottom of the launchpad icon after waiting for 30min.
  3. I didn't find the Xcode icon inside launchpad.
  4. I tried to search Xcode but search didn't return any Xcode app.
  5. I opened Appstore again to open the Xcode from inside Appstore.
  6. I spotted the Xcode app in purchases of Appstore and found Install button instead of Open button beside it to my dismal.
  7. I've gone ahead and clicked Install button and downloaded(4.4GB) again.
  8. Now at 99.9% download failed. Appstore said enter image description here
  9. Now in the launchpad I am happy to see a Xcode icon but I also found a broken icon downloading something which is 4.4GB; Obviously its Xcode. enter image description here
  10. I am able to get rid of the broken icon by long clicking the icon and clicking the popped up 'X' on the jiggling icon.
  11. I have encountered same issue a year ago when I updated Xcode6 to 7. This is definitely a serious bug; I have to download Xcode twice each time i try to update it.
  12. I have filed a bug in bug reporter to which no one responds.
  13. So I think its I'm the only one who is having the issue as I might have tampered something in the macOS. The App store still shows Install button besides the Xcode instead of Open button though its already got installed and I am using it. How to let know the Appstore that latest Xcode is already installed?
  • You don't need to let the App store "know" anything. Just kill the download from the App store, then go into the /Applications/ directory and remove the XCode.app` that you don't want.
    – Allan
    Commented Oct 24, 2016 at 10:45
  • @Allan then why couldn't Appstore identify that the Xcode is already downloaded and wasted my limited bandwidth?
    – Necktwi
    Commented Oct 24, 2016 at 17:04

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I had issues to download Xcode 8 from App Store too. Just when is going to finish installation process, something happened and Xcode started downloading again.

I just needed Xcode 8 installed as fast possible. So I just passed to another step.

Thank you Apple, for dev apps there is a alternative to download them. Any version of Xcode and its tools, you can download through developer.apple.com, to check all tools that you can download come to this link. If you just need Xcode 8 this link is your friend.

Now I have Xcode 7 and 8 in my system. You can delete your old Xcode 7 if you want.

Sure, you need at least a free apple dev account to download them. Just enter your appleID and agree to Apple terms.

Note: App Store shows me to update Xcode, maybe because I still have Xcode 7 installed.

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