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I've tried coding it in different ways, but no matter what I do it will not type "22.com".

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    Hi, welcome to Ask Different. Why not add this to your previous AppleScript question at: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/258415/… one of our users will likely be able to kill all of your birds in one stone instead of opening new threads. – bret7600 Oct 23 '16 at 22:50
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    If the first pic contains your real password, I recommend to change the password immediately. – klanomath Oct 23 '16 at 22:57
  • I just tried tell application "System Events" to keystroke "22.com" and it output: 22.com – user3439894 Oct 24 '16 at 0:52

I've found that trying to keystroke with a large number of characters is highly unreliable. It doesn't seem to wait for every character to be typed before returning. I'd suggest trying this workaround I've been using:

on keystroke_string_(keystr)
    tell application "System Events"
        repeat with _character in keystr
            keystroke _character
        end repeat
    end tell
end keystroke_string_

That'll iterate through the characters, and press each one manually. I've found that this works nicely with any length of string.

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