I am using an iPhone 5s on iOS 10 and nowadays I have been having an issue. I don't have an unlimited Wi-Fi connection as I use my Samsung mobile phone hotspot for my iPhone.

Whenever I connect my iPhone to Wi-Fi, it starts using very high quantities of data, i.e, 2–3 MB every second without any app running. I also tried turning of Background App Refresh and Automatic Downloads are turned off. I tried a soft reset but to no avail. Any idea what's causing this?

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    Some kind of iCloud background syncing. Like photos? Or backing up your phone? – StephenCollins Oct 20 '16 at 18:46

Go to settings -> cellular. Scroll down past the list of apps to "Wi-Fi Assist" and turn it off! This has been a huge problem for lots of people. Wifi Assist is turned on by default. When it's on, whenever your mobile data is faster than your wifi, it uses your mobile data without telling you. Your problem should disappear after you've completed this step.

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