I am using ukelele to create some custom keyboard layouts.

I have created a .icns file which contains an image I would like to represent this keyboard layout.

How do I get my macOS Sierra MB Pro to associate this keyboard layout with this icon file? I cannot find an option in ukelele, if there is even one.

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You just give the .icns file the same name you gave your .keylayout file and locate them in the same direcory.


I am not sure if ukelele itself implements a way to do this, but the solution turned out to be trivial.

Locate your .bundle file which is being used. Mine was at /Library/Keyboard Layouts/#British.bundle.

With a terminal, cd into the Contents and then Resources subdirectories of the bundle. Now the command open . should open finder at this location.

Have fun replacing the .icns file within.

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