If I update an event on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.3.3, it is updated correctly on the MobileMe calendar web site, but not on iCal – I have to refresh the latter manually. I took a look at my system log, and there are entries like this:

Sep 23 10:40:59 Musa applepushserviced[147]: : Stream error occurred for : Error Domain=kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code=2 UserInfo=0x10012d5e0 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 2.)"

Could this be responsible? If so, what is the solution?

  • Are you still having this issue? What version of OSX are you running. Also, have you since updated to 5.1.1? Works great on my 3GS.
    – de_an777
    Jun 18, 2012 at 21:36

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MobileMe was discontinued on June 30, 2012. Your phone isn't able to sync because the sync servers are no longer available. If you want to sync calendars with an iOS 4 device, you might have to use a Google account and IMAP.


I haven't been able to locate any documentation on the returned error. My best advice is to submit this as a bug report to Apple. If they haven't heard of it before, their engineers will get back to you for some more information, and may even offer the solution.

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