Finder's Go menu shows a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for many standard folders:


So within Finder, but also within the Open or Save File dialogs of other applications, I can use ++O to go to my Documents folder, or ++L for my Downloads folder, et cetera.

I happily use this hundreds of times a day.

Can I add my own keyboard shortcuts here? For example, as a Developer, I often find myself going to my ~/Code folder by pressing ++H for Home, then navigating to Code. But I'd rather press something like ++C to go there directly.

Is this possible, and if yes, how?


It is indeed possible. To look at how, please read this answer – it's better than I could have explained.

Specifically, you would want to try what's written under the steps:

To open a new window every time, add a Get Specified Finder Items action, drop the folder you want to open on the list, and then add a Reveal Finder Items action.

So in Automator you would add your folder as described above, and then carry out step 4, assigning whichever shortcut you wanted for it.

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