I installed Sierra OS on my iMac without any troubles. But, when I open Terminal, I can't scroll through the bash history when pressing the up arrow.

  • I am assuming you mean, "scroll through the bash history when pressing the up arrow." Is that correct?
    – Allan
    Oct 13 '16 at 12:07

Have a look at /etc/bashrc_Apple_Terminal. The file contains comments that explain how to disable bash_sessions:

# The save/restore mechanism is disabled if the following file exists:
# ~/.bash_sessions_disable

or just disable their shell history mechanism

# You may disable this behavior and share a single history by setting
# SHELL_SESSION_HISTORY to 0. There are some common user customizations
# that arrange to share new commands among running shells by
# manipulating the history at each prompt, and they typically include
# 'shopt -s histappend'; therefore, if the histappend shell option is
# enabled, per-session history is disabled by default. You may
# explicitly enable it by setting SHELL_SESSION_HISTORY to 1.

You can perhaps also restore the (hidden) .bash_history file from the TimeMachine backup Found in the HomeFolder.

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