I'm administering some Mac Minis for our workgroup. I recently needed to install Paraview, but ran into some problems I still couldn't resolve.

When installing Paraview 5.1.2 from it's .dmg file by moving the icon onto the Application folder, it ends up in /Applications. For this installation I used the only local account stsadmin, which surprisingly is an admin account. I can start the application, so everything seems to be fine. When I log in with another account, which in our case are network accounts, I can't open Paraview.

You do not have permissions to open the application "paraview".

I then checked the permissions:

$ ls -adl /Applications/paraview.app/
drwx------  3 stsadmin  admin  102 Jul 27 02:30 /Applications/paraview.app/

When I look at some other apps like VLC, this app belongs to root/wheel instead of stsadmin/admin.

Questions are:

  1. Is this problem caused by paraview? Or did I use the wrong installation process?
  2. How to fix it? chown? chgrp? If so, what is the correct user/group?

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There is nothing wrong with your installation method. A lot of apps are intended to be installed by just simply dropping the app on the Applications folder.

Now either the packager/creator of the application bundle in the dmg made a mistake or the permissions of the bundle are deliberate.

To allow other users to use the app, modifying the permissions with the following command should be sufficient:

sudo chmod -R u=rwx,go=rx /Applications/paraview.app 
  • Thanks! I was somehow focused on chown and chgrp, that I totally forgot about chmod...
    – PVitt
    Oct 13, 2016 at 11:45

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