I am trying to share my 3G internet connection from my Nexus 4 running Android 5.1.1 with my Macbook Pro running macOS Sierra 10.12. Using an USB cable (aka USB Tethering). After connecting the phone and turning on the USB tethering option, When I go to "Open Network Preferences" from the network icon in the status bar, I don't see my phone listed as expected to proceed with the configuration.

Although, I do see my phone in About this mac -> Overview -> System Report -> Hardware -> USB. The Android File Transfer app opens when I connect it to the computer, and it closes when I turn on tethering.

I tried installing HoRNDIS, and even restarting afterwards, but didn't solve. Tried to play around the USB Debugging option as well without success.

My broadband allows tethering since I can do it over Wifi and Bluetooth really straightforward.

Is there a specific set of Sierra native steps to set up a generic USB network interface that supports android 5.1.1?


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You can use this link to some software that works on Sierra I found on a YouTube video. It is only a trial, easily reinstalled though.


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