I've updated my macbook pro to macOS Sierra and now my (apple) wired keyboard is completely broken.

I'm using a AZERTY wired keyboard (like the one on my macbook) but even if on my macbook every keys seems correct, on the wired keyboard two keys are reversed : @ and < enter image description here

Also on both keyboards when I shift + click it doesn't select anymore on anything (text, file, spreadsheet, etc.) Same for Ctrl + click

It was working before the update.

Also some really weird behaviour, for example on Steam. When I chat with someone from my desktop, there is no problem. But when I chat with him in-game I got these japanese or chinese characters whatever key I press :

enter image description here

Also Shift+tab don't work to access at Steam while in-game.

And here are just a few.... I keep discovering new ones every day.

Everything was working perfectly before the update.


I resolved all the issues. On the previous version (OS X) I was using Karabiner. On macOS Sierra since it was not working I've installed Karabiner-Elements.

I've deleted all of these, make sure to delete all the file. Rebooted. And now all is working properly.

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