A Sierra installer I downloaded last week was corrupted. It wasn't obvious at first since I was able to create a USB installer and the USB stick booted fine. But after an hour of proceeding I had issues in MacOS installation process, I got a message that says my installer was corrupted. I downloaded it again and after one more hour it is working fine.

When downloading Linux ISOs, most (perhaps all) distributions provides an MD5/SHA1 code so I can check my downloaded copy with those.

So is there way to check for the integrity of Mac AppStore downloads? I'm not so concerned with small downloads but very with 1+GB ones which could waste hours of time.

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From Apple KB: Mac OS X: How to verify a SHA-1 digest
[emphasis mine]

Learn how to verify a SHA-1 digest (also known as a checksum).

Important: Verifying the SHA-1 of a software update is optional; it is provided on Apple software updates for those individuals who want to verify the authenticity of an update.

Note: For updates delivered by Automatic Software Update, SHA-1 digest verification is performed automatically for you.

To verify a manually-downloaded software update from Apple Downloads, which contains a SHA-1 digest, perform the following steps:

  • Open Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities).

  • Type the following at the Terminal prompt: openssl sha1 [full path to file]

Which would appear to conclude that Apple doesn't maintain a public list of checksums for App Store versions.
However, there is an independent list maintained at https://github.com/drduh/macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide/blob/master/InstallESD_Hashes.csv for just the InstallESD components themselves.


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