Some of my friends said that OS X sucks because you only have to choose one theme on every device that have OS X. I searched, but I didn't find any feasible solution just one little thing that cost money (and I didn't want to risk it).

Is there a easy way to change OS X themes that is free? Please don't tell me that the theme doesn't need to be changed; I really want something like Ubuntu that can change anything, I really love my Ubuntu desktop (KDE and Gnome).

If OS X doesn't do this, are there any 3rd-party utilities that can?

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Out of the box there is no themeing capability in Mac OS X, you can however modify some of the colours used by Mac OS X in the Appearance Preference Pane in System Preferences.

If you're serious about themeing however there are 3rd party applications you can get to help with this:

  • CandyBar - manages and changes icons.
  • ThemePark - does most everything else. If you're interested in available themes that work with ThemePark check out MacThemes

Otherwise a fairly good resource is the forum at MacThemes.

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There is now an app called Flavours that allows theming. It has many nice themes, including some Shapeshifter themes, and runs starting on Lion (10.7.x) up to Mavericks (10.9.x). It costs a bit, however.


These days, there's also PaintCan which is a plugin for MacForge.


Back in the 10.4 days there was Shapeshifter from Unsanity. Sadly, it died when Leopard was released.

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