Suppose I want to come back to Color sidebar icon for Finder. For Lion I followed these instructions, but seems not working anymore (SIMBL is not working with Sierra):


So, do you know if there is a way to change from this fantastic soviet union gray sidebar to one with color?

thanks, Andrea

  • You would need to modify system resources, which requires disabling SIP at the very least. – tubedogg Oct 4 '16 at 15:42
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    I installed mySIMBL, and it disabled my open/save file panel resources, so I had to remove it from Sierra Launch Agents, etc. Any other option? I miss the color sidebar... – Elizabeth Lisa Peck Mar 30 '17 at 21:30

Use mySIMBL* instead, SIMBL has been non-functional since apple implemented System Integrity Protection. Once you've set up mySIMBL install the package at:

Sources >>> Wolf's tweaks >>> colorfulSidebar9.

Then restart Finder and you should have colored sidebar icons again.

* I am the developer of mySIMBL and colorfulSidebar9

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    Good solution! However you should disclose your affiliation with the package in your answer — just on principle, but it's also a rule. (even though it's open source and free) :) – Timothy Mueller-Harder Dec 10 '16 at 3:37
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    How is colorfulSidebar9 different from ColorfulSidebar from the following website? cooviewerzoom.web.fc2.com/colorfulsidebar.html – Brian Foster Dec 19 '16 at 22:56
  • colorfulSidebar9 works on 10.9+ – w0lf Dec 20 '16 at 8:03

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