i have an iMac 27′ late 2012 and I have a problem with my Fusion Drive … suddenly the SSD part and the HDD unlinked and now i have two separate disks .. I ran in Terminal: diskutil list and diskutil cs list witht he following results:

enter image description here

Can somebody help me how to continue from here to link the two disks again in one (Fusion Drive as previous).

Update: After deleting the Logical Volume Groups I get the following partition table:

enter image description here


To recreate a Fusion Drive you have to delete both Logical Volume Groups and create a new one. This will delete all data on both volumes "Macintosh HD".

  • Booted to Recovery Mode open in the menubar Utilities > Terminal
  • In Terminal enter diskutil list and diskutil cs list.
  • Check that both disks (disk0 and disk1) are the internal disks with a size of 120 GB and 1 TB/3TB depending on your Fusion drive.
  • Delete both Logical Volume Groups with:

    diskutil cs delete lvgUUID #with lvgUUID: the UUID of the Logical Volume Group

    In your case that's:

    diskutil cs delete DD7FD...
    diskutil cs delete 597C4...

    Please use the complete UUIDs - I'm too lazy to write them down completely.

  • Rebuild the Fusion Drive with:

    diskutil cs create FusionDrive disk0s2 disk1s2

    This will create a new Logical Volume Group

  • Enter diskutil cs list to get the new lvgUUID
  • To create a new Logical Volume enter:

    diskutil cs createVolume new_lvgUUID jhfs+ "Macintosh HD" 0g
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