When I try to use split view feature in macOS Sierra, I can not use the green button any more. Every help page found by google suggests I should click and hold the green button to activate split screen for the current window. The window would shrink and I could move it left or right and then choose an other open window to place it on the other side. This does not work with my MacBook on macOS Sierra.

I can use split view via mission control for windows already opened in full screen, thats's fine. But sometimes I might prefer to activate it directly from the current window without putting it to full screen first.

Edit: I have no 3rd party tools for windows management in use. I tried with Safari an Maps, both 1st party tools that do support the feature, as far as I know.

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Go to System Settings -> Mission Control activate the checkbox displays have separate spaces.

Log out and In and check if it works.


That is how it should work. It seems like something is interfering with the button press. Try disabling any window management apps such as BetterTouchTool. Also try using a first-party app such as Finder to make sure the app itself is not the one modifying the green button functionality.

  • I have no window management tools (added that in my question now). And I tried it with Safari, Finder and Maps.
    – Martin
    Sep 30, 2016 at 14:54

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