Desired behavior:

When SD card1 (LABEL=NIKON D60) or SD card2 (LABEL=NIKON D70) is put into cardreader, it automatically gets mounted to /media/digicam. I run a script, which copies the files to my SSD, renames them with timestamps and rotates them if necessary.

What I tried:

Both cards are formatted in fat32. I tried to create a /etc/fstab with sudo nano /etc/fstab containing the following line:

LABEL=NIKON\ D60 /media/digicam vfat rw,auto

After rebooting the card still gets mounted in /Volumes/NIKON D60 automatically.

How to stop the automount to /Volumes/... for those cards and get them to mount to my desired folder?


The following two conditions must be met:

  1. The mount point must already exist.

  2. Spaces in the Label Name need to be escaped with an octal space character, e.g.: \040

As a test, I did the following:

  • Relabeled one of my FAT32 formatted SD Cards to NIKON D60 then ejected and removed it.
  • Created the /media/digicam directory using: sudo mkdir -p /media/digicam
  • Added LABEL=NIKON\040D60 /media/digicam msdos rw,auto 0 0 to: /etc/fstab

I then inserted the SD Card and it mounted as expected, it appeared in Finder as NIKON D60 and its Mount Point showed in Disk Utility as: /media/digicam

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