I have a 4s and would like to suggest wifi calling compatibility with T-mobile.

I have setup a SIP client on a iphone 4 and unaware of any technical reason UMA or similar VOIP compatibility can not be done. Given that IOS supports wifi calling on the 5: why is this not available in the 4S?

Although I have already posed two questions, I would like to know the most effective forum to pose the request to apple to enable UMA VOIP capability for the iPhone 4S.

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    The normal place to suggest such things is apple.com/feedback but they will not answer you and I cannot imagine them ever spending any time on such a request given their focus on future oriented devices and iOS versions. – Tom Gewecke Sep 28 '16 at 12:52

iPhone 4s is five years old and no longer receives iOS updates. While I suppose stranger things have happened, the likelihood of it receiving any new functionality at this stage is so remote as to be essentially zero.

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