I'm trying to make my iTunes ( music library show up in Music on my iPhone 5 (9.3.2). Nothing seems to work, i.e. whatever I try nothing shows up under the My Music tab on my phone (empty view telling me to find some music).

Apple's instructions to use Home Sharing on iOS are:

On the screen that appears, tap the category near the middle of the screen. Then tap Home Sharing and choose a shared Library to connect to.

Obviously, there is no such control in the empty view.

Steps taken, with no effect:

  • OSX firewall is not enabled.
  • Activated Home sharing using the same Apple ID on both iPhone and Mac.
  • Updated to latest iTunes ( Support for iOS 9 was added in version
  • Enabled sharing the whole library in iTunes settings (although I'm under the impression that that is a separate feature from home sharing).
  • Deauthorized and re-authorized the mac, and reactivated home sharing.
  • Restarted iTunes, killed the Music app.
  • Restarted mac and phone.
  • Logged out of home sharing on phone, waited 15 minutes, logged in again.
  • Disabled screen lock and let the phone sit with Music app open.
  • Enabled Apple Music in iOS, even though I have no interest in it.
  • Restarted router.
  • Checked that the required ports aren't blocked in the router, as per Apple troubleshooting instruction, although I fail to see how that would affect things since both my devices are inside the same LAN behind that firewall.
  • Confirmed that the itunes remote app for iOS could find itunes.

Are there any magical constraints to Home Sharing they're not telling me?

  • You might have to put one song on it to make it work, I'm not sure. – tubedogg Sep 26 '16 at 20:54
  • Yeah maybe, I wouldn't put it past them. If so it would be a pretty ironic misunderstanding of their own feature. – Andreas Sep 26 '16 at 21:07

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