The Magic Trackpad 2 seems nice... except it's upside down. The tall part of the device should be closest to the user, not furthest. As built, it's a finger torture machine! How can I switch the default orientation 180º?


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Sebastian, there are some great news for you:

As of today, you can use your Magic Trackpad 2 upside-down with BetterTouchTool:

BetterTouchTool 1.93 (October, 23, 2016)

  • Fixed some little Sierra issues regarding keyboard shortcuts

  • You can now choose whether a normal mouse button should trigger on mouse-down or on mouse-up (click the little gear icon left to the mouse button selection)

  • You can now repeat an action while a mouse button is pressed (click the little gear icon left to the mouse button selection).

  • Added option to mirror the Magic Trackpad orientation for upside-down usage. It's in the advanced trackpad options => General

See BetterTouchTool Homepage.

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