For whatever reason* you decide that you want your Apple Watch Nike Plus to function just like a standard Apple Watch:

  • no more running notifications,
  • no ugly watch faces,
  • etc.

which are exclusive to the Nike Plus.

Is it possible to disable all NikePlus-exclusive features?

  • you really liked the Nike Plus band and can't get it any other way,
  • you broke your leg and no more running for you,
  • some other excuse
  • You're naming almost all reasons why I would buy the nike+ version without the nike+ stuff =) – rwzdoorn Sep 23 '16 at 6:56

Because the AppleWatch Nike+ edition isn't available yet this information is not available .. BUT I do can tell your able to turn off the notifications, just like the 'breath' / 'you need to stand for 1 minute' (while driving your car) notifications. You can change your watchfases to normal version but won't be able to remove the nike+ app from your watch as it's bound to the exclusive Watchface.

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