I have been piecing together a shell script to use FFmpeg to validate video files in a folder and create a log file.

When run in the terminal from that folder, it works fine. When I incorporate it into Automator to use as a service, it fails to create the log file correctly.

It looks like the syntax I'm using causes an issue in Automator, and it's failing as it invokes FFmpeg. How do I adjust my script in Automator to give me the same result as I got in the Terminal?

Here is the script in Automator:

for f in "$@"
    echo "$f"
cd $f
find -E ./ -regex '.*(.MOV|.MXF|.mp4|.MTS)$' -exec ffmpeg -v error -i {} -map 0:1 -f null - 2>error4.log \;

And the output from the log file:

find: ffmpeg: No such file or directory

Automator Screenshot


This is because Automator doesn't use your interactive shell's path. You need to specify the location of ffmpeg.

  1. In Terminal, run:

    which ffmpeg
  2. Replace the ‘ffmpeg’ in your Automator shell script with the output of this command.

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