So I noticed recently that when I try to watch YouTube videos or Netflix in full screen on my Macbook Air, the whole screen will wash out with orange and yellow and I can't see anything, but it's perfectly fine if I don't watch it in fullscreen. And on Netflix if I use subtitles, it's normal when someone is talking, but when the text disappears the screen gets an orange tint again. I've tried calibrating the colors through the display section of system preferences but it always tells me that there is an error. I've searched for someone who is having a similar problem but haven't found anyone. Please help! Thank you.

  • Do you have something like f.lux installed? And what does console.app say. – John Keates Sep 22 '16 at 0:08
  • @JohnKeates No, I don't have anything like that installed. And I'm not sure what you're asking for? The calibration screen just tells me there is an error every time I try to adjust white balance. – Alex Marie Sep 22 '16 at 6:44
  • Start colorsync utility and run a verify just to check. Also open Console.app and check if it says something about your display or graphics. – John Keates Sep 22 '16 at 13:12
  • I would run Apple Hardware Test (AHT). Hold the D key while booting from a powered off state with the AC adapter connected. Run the extended test and see if there is an issue with your video card. – Allan Sep 23 '16 at 22:33
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    Same problem on my macbook pro since five days.. – user202865 Sep 23 '16 at 22:46

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