I've looked at this question -- it has the same title as mine, but it is quite old.

I had a mac.com and a me.com account through MobileMe back in the stone age. I've always found the me.com address annoying and would like to remove it.

I have made it inactive by using mail.app > accounts.

I know I can delete an email alias. The me.com account is not shown on icloud.com as an alias. It shows as a discrete email address.

Is there any way to remove it completely?



Here's a screenshot of my iCloud email settings.

enter image description here

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    The linked question/answer is still true - you cannot merge or delete an Apple ID. You can change the primary address, but not the ID itself. – Tetsujin Sep 21 '16 at 11:48
  • If I understand you correctly, the me.com email is itself an AppleId? Or is it part of my main AppleId? Thanks the linked question is a bit different -- he was looking to delete an AppleId. – David DelMonte Sep 21 '16 at 12:19
  • It can be... it doesn't have to be. I have a me.com to which apple 'kindly' added an iCloud.com that I never wanted or asked for. The Apple ID is still the me.com - i.e. that's what I sign in with, the other is just an unused 'alias' I guess. [To add more complexity, I also have another company.com ID that was from long before me.com started. I had a mac.com account, back in the victorian era, 90s, but never kept track of it & I guess it vanished rather than migrated.. no idea what happened to it.. – Tetsujin Sep 21 '16 at 12:33
  • This - apple.stackexchange.com/questions/245864/… - & links from comments may be pertinent – Tetsujin Sep 21 '16 at 12:36
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    You can't get rid of it. It's just there. You're of course not forced to use it, but you also can't disable it. It's an alias in the sense that emails sent to me.com will go to icloud.com but it isn't an alias configurable (or removable) by the user. – tubedogg Sep 21 '16 at 21:41

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