On my main iMac, I've got a huge iTunes library which is shared with Home Sharing.

I use my MacBook much more frequently, and I have basically no music on it. I would instead like to direct iTunes to always open/play from the main Home Shared library if it's available.

There doesn't seem to be a setting to do this. Instead, I have to select it in iTunes whenever the computer is restarted, or the iMac goes to sleep. Is it possible to find a work-around?

I have looked around, and there are some people having resembling issues with their NAS music libraries (example: How can I get iTunes Library to stay pointed to my NAS?).

If my issue is effectively the same issue as automatically mounting an AFP-mounted NAS iTunes Library, there at least doesn't seem to be a consensus on how to solve this issue in 2016?

Maybe something like an AppleScript would be a solution, if there is no conventional solution. I would hope that it was possible to make iTunes look for the remote Library instead of the local one.

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