Is there a way to easily switch display color profiles, instead of going to System Preferences > Displays > Color > Display Profile?

It doesn't seem to be AppleScript-able. There used to be a menu-bar utility called ProfileMenu, but it no longer works in macOS Sierra, and is no longer supported.

You can get the selected profile using AppleScript, but it's read-only, so you can't set it:

tell application "Image Events"
  get display profile of display 1
end tell

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I found a little tool called customdisplayprofiles, which lets you switch profiles by running a command like customdisplayprofiles set /path/to/profile.icc. I put that into a shell script in ~/Library/Scripts/, and now I can switch profiles from the menu bar again. You can find the .icc files in /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/ and ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/.

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