If it is a Linux NAS (WD EX2100 or EX4100), should we use




to connect to it if for some reason, it doesn't show up at the side panel of Finder?

The above line is to be typed into

Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server

and for a Windows PC, I think it is to use smb. For an NAS, we can use either smb or cifs but which one should be used?

  • Can you type in the IP address of the Linux NAS? – haykam Sep 19 '16 at 23:41
  • I can use IP address but using a name is easier. (and the IP address can change) – nonopolarity Sep 19 '16 at 23:46

CIFS was a implementation of SMB created by Microsoft a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Use SMB.

This amazing blog post, and this one, will explain all.


CIFS is roughly the same as SMB version 1 (it's more complicated than that, but they're close enough for our purposes). Apple's implementations of SMB version 2 (introduced in OS X v10.9) and version 3 (OS X v10.10) were a bit buggy, at least at first. If you use an "smb://" URL in the connect dialog, it'll use the newest version that both the server and client support, and if you're still seeing weird behavior from that... then you can use "cifs://" to force it back to the old version 1 protocol, which might fix it (see e.g. this ZDNet article, which also gives a way to force version 1 via the nsmb.conf file).

If you aren't having trouble with the newer version of the protocol, or you are but switching back to the old version doesn't help, then use "smb://" -- the newer versions of the protocol are significantly faster and generally better.

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