I have hundreds of different albums in my iTunes library and would like to see as many of them as I can while still remaining in windowed mode. Unfortunately, iTunes does not have a clear option to display albums in a smaller format.

I have gone under Preferences and selected "List View" as Smallest and I have also tried using Command-J to select View Options but neither has had any impact.

How can I make these unnecessarily large album cover icons smaller so that I don't have to scroll through the equivalent of several pages to see my entire library?

Album Covers are way too large!!!


I don't think there is anyway you can make them smaller. The Grid view, in Album View, I think is inoperable to size change. For me, I like larger album covers so I deleted the microphones in Artist view (and Artist view itself) and use List in the Album View. Of course, I can expand to about 14" x 14". The only smaller album coverwork are the microphones but they seem to be controlled by the iTunes Store box sets, so many people have missing artwork---and lots of microphones. That's why I eliminated them.

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