When an iPhone is plugged in and syncing, the status bar shows a message like:

Syncing "Phone" (Step 2 of 6)

On the left side of the bar there is this icon:

enter image description here

It darkens when clicked, which implies that it's a button. If I had to guess from the icon alone, I would say "rotate clockwise", but that doesn't make sense in this context.

Hovering does not display a tooltip. Clicking it does not have any visible effect.

What is this button?


It is the skip button for skipping the current process. The button usually only shows on skippable actions and is most commonly shown for an iOS device iTunes backup.

  • Makes sense. Any idea why clicking it doesn't skip the current process? – Robert Sep 18 '16 at 19:50
  • 1
    @Robert Most likely a bug, in that it shouldn't be shown when it's not possible to skip. – grg Sep 18 '16 at 21:24

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