Today, JavaScript in Safari suddenly stopped functioning. I had just updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 10 yesterday. I eventually noticed that somehow, JavaScript had been disabled in the Safari settings. Furthermore, the control itself is disabled!

Why might javascript be permanently disabled? How can I re-enable it?

It obviously makes it difficult to debug javascript when it's disabled on my debug device.


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I've discovered mine had this issue due to my corporate email app restricting JavaScript on safari, post update

  • This seems to have been it - polling around the office, those with the device management software installed and who are on iOS 10 have the same issue. I suspect the iOS 10 update caused the issue. Taking it up with IT. Thanks!
    – Tom Shea
    Commented Sep 21, 2016 at 19:44

The following is based on my observation.

By default the Safari JavaScript is enabled, because most of the website that I visited that extensively using JavaScript are working in Safari. The problem starts only when I Clear History and Website Data and go to Settings > Safari > Advanced.

I think as soon as you hit Advanced "for the first time" the program just has an issue as no previous settings are set, thus setting itself to Disable.

I exited from settings and visit the previous website that are using JavaScript, obviously all of them either don't show up or become a Dumb website except you click a link that uses anchor.

Solution: Just go to Advanced again and set Enable the JavaScript setting. Next time you visit this remain enabled.


I had a similar issue, iOS 10 on a 6s, my JavaScript control was greyed out, but was stuck in the on position. However, JavaScript was not working, the browser was acting just as if java was off. I did absolutely nothing, looked at it last night right before I went to sleep. This morning, I opened safari, noticed that google searches loooked different, checked the setting again and it is no longer greyed out, and JavaScript is now enabled and working fine. I didn't do anything to make this happen. No power cycles, sw updates, nothing. Very confusing

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