I have an iPod Touch 3G 64GB with 4.3.3, and, with just 5 videos loaded i get a problem with this symptoms:

  • When I tap Videos, it takes ages to load, crashes, then I can load again, still slow
  • Every video has the same preview thumbnail, taken from a genius playlist
  • When playing a video, I tap on it, the menu appears after several seconds. I press pause, the video will stop playing after 10 seconds
  • If a video has closed captions, will show a subtitle every 3 sentences (slow)
  • No problems at all with Music/podcast/books/apps

I tried to remove all videos but even with no videos, the video app continues to crash This behaviour started from day one, not happened suddenly

What i can do?

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Updating to iOS 5.1.1 fixed the problem

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