I want to always paste text without its format. Many applications, like Numbers in my case, have a shortcut for that being shift+alt+command+v. Now, that's pretty many keys to press at once so I wanted to override that with a custom keyboard shortcut as suggested in this answer.

settings pane
[sorry for German language, please assume that the shortcuts' names are correct]

I flipped Paste's and Paste and match style's keyboard commands.
Since that did not do it, I also added shortcuts for Numbers individually.

This is what Numbers' Edit pane shows:

Numbers' *Edit* pane

Again, sorry for German language. the first one reads "Paste" and second reads "Paste and match style". The keyboard commands are still the wrong way.

I have restarted Numbers a number (no pun intended) of times but that didn't help. For other applications it doesn't work either.

Any ideas why it doesn't work?
Thanks in advance"


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You need to use the exact name of the menu item. It looks like you're using "Einfügen" but Numbers' menu item uses the synonym "Einsetzen". Correcting that should fix it.


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