I'm travelling to the US soon and I would like to buy iPhone 7 (unlocked) from an Apple Store. However, I live in Germany.

  • Without AppleCare, can I go to to an Apple store here in Germany in case something happened to the iPhone?
  • Are iPhones in the US are compatible with Germany's? Power/Energywise.
  • Do I need extra/different adaptors?

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  • Yes, the service coverage of Apple products is worldwide. Though having AppleCare+ will save you some money because you may only have to pay for shipment of parts, etc. Refer to section 6.2 here.
  • Yes, as all Apple products come with standard power adapters and they're compatible anywhere voltage-wise, you may just have to use a universal power adapter in Europe. Otherwise, you can just use the USB to Lightning cable and use your own power adapter there in Germany.
  • See answer above.

I think it is available, as I bought my iPhone in Korea and use it in China. It works well and is same as the Chinese version.

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