Does anybody know a free alternative to Charles (an HTTP debugging proxy), preferably with a GUI and similar features?

Features that I'm interested in:

  • Inspect HTTP requests/responses (header, body, etc)
  • JSON syntax highlighting and formatting
  • Request filter (by host, URL, etc)
  • Search
  • Would be awesome if it could render HTML (Charles can't do it)

You can also check out mitmproxy which even has a web interface. You can inspect HTTP request/responses and even filter requests by certain parameters.

It doesn't render HTML like you asked but it sure gives out the raw response which might be enough.

Another suggestion I can think of is the developer tools in Firefox which render HTML and also support request filtering. You can obviously inspect HTTP requests in Firefox too.


You are the two following Charles like :

  1. Fiddler

Fiddler for macOS runs on mono, so don't expect the same smooth appearance like you get on Windows.

  1. WireShark

Wireshark is more relevant for capturing everything over the wire (and then filtering by protocols) and not directly useful(easily) for scripting HTTP responses on the fly.


Checkout Proxyman, which is exclusive built on native macOS.


Proxyman is designed with intuitive UI, so you can start proxying HTTPS easily and quickly.

The free version includes all essential features, such as Proxying, SSL Proxying, Debug on iPhone, iOS Simulator and handy debug tools (Repeat and Edit)


User BurpSuite by PortSwigger


The community edition is well enough to inspect HTTP/HTTPs traffic and more, only it cannot render HTML.

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