I do not have any experience with the Apple Watch, currently I am just using an iPhone. Before I buy an Apple Watch I would like to verify my question.

I know I need to pair it with an iPhone. But from what I have gathered, the new Apple Watch Series 2 is much more independent then the previous version.

  1. Tracking should be possible with the GPS module.
  2. Pairing a bluetooth headphone is possible.
  3. Playing music without iPhone is also possible.

Am I right? Or are there any limitations I have missed?

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You are correct on all three counts.

The Workout app will work without your iPhone, at least. Third-party apps might need to be updated to be completely independent. Strava, for instance, won't start without an active iPhone connection, but Runkeeper will.

Both the first generation WATCH and Series 2 support syncing of a single playlist up to either 2GB or 250 songs.

  • Apple watch has 5,7GB of storage , so you have more room for songs.
    – rwzdoorn
    Commented Sep 12, 2016 at 8:33

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