I'm looking for an app to learn Spanish offline. I want to hear it while driving, so it's basically MP3 based, and not interactive.

Do you have any recommendation?

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Personally I use the language learning apps from BYKI, both on iPhone and Mac:



Edit to add more info why I like it (as per request in comment): The iPhone version has an AUTO button on the lessons. You start the lesson when you start driving, and just let it run (with the choice in preferences to say the text in only the language to learn, or also in English). Only issue is that the version I have (Italian) sometimes stops at the end of a lesson, but not always (weird issue there). When you are not driving you can enjoy the quizzes, flip cards, etc, of course.

The Mac/Windows versions come with MP3 files that you can put onto your iPhone and play in a loop.

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    could you add info on why you like it, whether it works offline, etc? – lemonginger Sep 16 '11 at 22:46
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A new learning platform is coming out for the iPad. If you are testing the beta version, please visit http://www.taplingua.com. It does have the off-line version but more importantly its a complete learning platform developed by a University of Chicago Ph. D


Try this Spanish audio course http://www.spanish-bookworld.com/spanish-audio-course.html

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