I have lots of pictures and videos stored on a NAS (that isn't backed up). I want to move the pictures and videos to my iCloud account since I pay for increased storage on that and it will have better backup rather than anything that I would ever be able to do, and just leave movies on the NAS.

What will happen on my iPhone once I do this? Will it just max out, or is there anyway for it to ignore those? Otherwise what's the point of being able to purchase more iCloud storage than your iPhone has?

  • It would be wise to keep at least one local backup in case you: 1) Erase them by mistake 2) Lose access to your iCloud account 3) Apple lose your data
    – Antzi
    Sep 12, 2016 at 2:17

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In the Photos Settings in the Settings app on your iPhone, you can select optimize storage.

Then will it only save often viewed pictures in full quality, and rarely viewed as a thumbnail, if you're looking at a picture on your iPhone it'll automatically start to download the picture in best quality.

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