For security reasons, I like to use different passwords for my account for logging in locally vs. logging in remotely. I need this so that a person who manages to read or keylog my local login password cannot easily gain access to it remotely as well.

For ssh access, I solve this by simply disallowing password based access at all, instead requring a key file.

The other kind of remote access I use is Apple's VNC, i.e. Screen Sharing. I wonder if I can secure that in some way that does not require me to install a special client (such as Vine) on the remote computer. I want to be able to access my Mac from any remote Mac (and iOS device, using Remotix, for instance).

So, is there a way to secure Screen Sharing with a different password for my main user account, or by some other means that is working without extra hassle on the remote side?

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