I installed OS X Server on El Capitan and set up Xcode continuous integration. I didn't touch any of the other features. Now I'm unable to find the other computers in my home using Bonjour.

Previously I would just look in the sidebar of any finder window under Shared, and there would be all the local servers. They would also appear in /Network/. Now in there sidebar under Shared there's a single entry, All... which contains one folder, /Network/Servers. Inside that folder are two references to my local machine and nothing else.

Some of my servers are Apple Time Machines, and I can still see them in the AirPort Utility. I can connect to them using the Finder's "Connect to Server" and their local IP address.

The other servers are functioning fine, and can see each other as normal. They can also see the machine I'm having problems with and connect to it as before.

Any idea what I might have done wrong that killed Bonjour discovery? Or how to get it back?

Update: Upgrading to macOS Sierra seems to have fixed whatever was wrong.

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