I installed a Time Capsule at my office to handle backups of all Macbooks (8).

To ensure a minimum of privacy, via Airport Utility-->Disks I created One account per each user (Changed Secured Shared Disks-->With accounts).

I used a default password so each user would then sign in via Finder and then change it to something else.

I've been trying to figure out how a regular user with no access to the Time Capsule main password would go in and update his own password.

When I connect from finder to the Time Capsule a modal comes in to sign in and there's a button to change password.

Sign in dialog

Clicking on change password triggers a new modal to input old password, new password and verify. After I click Change Password I always get an error like this:

enter image description here

If I sign in with my assigned password, I can access to my Shared disk account without problems so it cannot be an invalid IP or server name because I can access, I just can't change the password.

How do you change a user password on a user account within Time Capsule without using Airport Utility when you know your current user account user & password but you don't know the device password of the Time Capsule.



This seems to be a recurring problem with TC devices. I have managed to setup users on a TC in the past, but never had others attempted to change the password. That may be a limitation to the user who created the accounts/setup the TC. Are they able to create their own accounts from their machines? If so, that may help you with the issue.

In closing, I know most people get the TC with the hope of being able to backup and use it as a NAS, but there are a lot of limitations with it. Right now, there are a lot of other solutions that can accomplish Time Machine backups, and act as a full-fledged NAS. I am currently running such setup on a Netgear Nighthawk, and I love being able to backup my Mac AND Windows machines.

Further efforts: Start by digging Through this post. My second suggestion is to post directly in the Time Capsule Apple forums. You may want to follow this thread as well (unless it was posted by you :P)

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