I have an image of a hand that I want to change the color of only the sleeve for:

enter image description here

I used the magic wand and it highlighted the area I wanted. However, when I open up the "Adjust Color" tool and slide the sliders, the adjustments affect the whole image and not just the highlighted / selected area.

I want to make changes only to the sleeve. Is this possible in preview?

enter image description here

  • I would doubt it. that's a pretty advanced trick for what is essentially a 'viewer' only.
    – Tetsujin
    Aug 27 '16 at 19:20
  • @Tetsujin do you know of any alternative websites that could do this?
    – bigpotato
    Aug 27 '16 at 19:23
  • Websites? No. Photoshop could do it, fairly easily - maybe Gimp [freeware] could too
    – Tetsujin
    Aug 27 '16 at 19:27
  • 1
    You can use Preview to crop. If you crop that selection, it should ask you if you want to convert the file to a PNG because the new background will be transparent. You could then change the coloring on the newly cropped material. Here's the catch - you would then have to figure out how to merge the original file and the cropped & edited one. Without Photoshop, I'm not sure how to do that.
    – TMHahn
    Aug 27 '16 at 22:00

Open the original image in Preview and carefully select the required portion to change. (the sleeve?) Do COPY then close the image. in Preview do a NEW FROM CLIPBOARD. Make your changes on this then COPY. Open the original and PASTE the changed selection onto this. Adjust the position as required...hope this works for you. It does for me:

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